Ahoy Mate! It's Talk Like a Pirate Week! Arrr!

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Arrr you excited for Talk Like a Pirate week? I definitely am!! This is always a fun time to be a little more silly and animated, have some extra fun, and still target all those speech and language goals. Kids love pirate themed activities and I will be sharing a few this week. I have six interactive pirate themed books that I use (the 4 below and two others including a Spanish version of the counting book).


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All five are really fun and target vocabulary development, WH questions, of course the /r/ sound (arrrrr!),  guessing shadows, and a Pirate, Pirate What Do You See? Also, for anyone who has purchased the Everyday Readers from Attainment, there is a pirate story in there as well. So my week will be filled with using my pirate books, pirate puppets (of course) and some fun pirate songs.

I also wanted to mention two other pirate themed activities from TLC Talk Shop on TpT. The pirate island has bingo games focusing on prepositions, pronouns, dauber pages, and pronoun sentence strips and manipulatives. The pirate play has three different open ended games with a pirate theme. Arrr you ready for some pirate fun!



And I love, love, love Barefoot Books. They are really fun sing-a-long books. The illustrations are beautiful and they come with a CD that makes reading/singing the books even more fun. They also have a pirate book that I use during Talk Like a Pirate week.



I will talk more about my FAVORITE books from Barefoot Books in another post (there are three that I adore!)

So enjoy the week and don’t forget to get your pirate on! Arrrrr! 🙂

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  1. Tracy Morlan

    Thank you for linking up! Tracy (GoldCountrySLP)

    • monaemaruyama

      Thank YOU so much for having the link-up! I’m still trying to get the hang of linking up and social media. I started this blog a few months ago and you are my first comment! 🙂

    • monaemaruyama

      Thank-you very much! I have been creating these books for about six years. Myself and many SLPs in my speech department have been using them with great success so I finally decided to put them out into the universe! I really appreciate your feedback 🙂

  2. SmartmouthSLP

    I love, love, love books in therapy! Your products look like a great addition to my growing list of wants/needs!

    • monaemaruyama

      Thank-you so much! I love books as well. When I started working with Early Childhood and the autism programs, I found most of the books I had bought were not working so I decided to start writing my own and it just kinda took off from there… I have written about 150 so far. I am still uploading to TpT. It’s a bit time consuming but I will get them all up soon. I’m trying to go in order of seasons right now. I appreciate the feedback and comments. 🙂

    • monaemaruyama

      Thanks Tami! Arrr we having fun this week? YES WE ARRR!


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