Happy Valentine’s Day

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We often hear the words, “BE MINE” or “BE MY VALENTINE” on Valentine’s Day, right? But I think we should say, “BE MINDFUL” instead…

It’s so important to be mindful when working with children or spending time with our own children. We have more distractions today than we did a few generations ago so when we do carve out those small pockets of time, we need to shut off the electronics and give our attention to the little ones in front of us. They can sense when your mind is in three places at once. It’s a habit to develop, mindfulness. Practicing a little every day will help. Slowing down what we are doing and just being in the moment… because when you think about life, what’s the point if we can’t enjoy the little things, which we all know are really the big things in life!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and I’ll be in touch soon.

Warm regards, Monae <3

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