I'm a Nut!!

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I always look forward to autumn and the fall leaves and cooler temperatures! It’s also the time when I like to start using some of my fall books (squeezed in between the Halloween books and activities).

This little book is so much fun and my students love it! <3 This book targets spatial concepts but can also be used for all those WH and yes/no questions. The ending has a really funny twist, like many of my stories. I love to throw in that humor as many of our kiddos need to work on that skill as well. I like to sing the song “I’m a Nut” which goes perfectly with this story. You can sing it with or without the music as it’s a pretty simple, catchy tune.


I usually get a bag of acorns from the grocery store (make sure you have no children with nut allergies) and have my students hide them, use them to identify spatial concepts, play “Nut, Nut, Whose Got the Nut?” (similar to the “Whose got the Button” game my grandmother used to play), or use them for a Bingo Board or tic-tac-toe game (I am in the process of creating bingo boards to go along with many of my books). If you get your own creative juices flowing, you will probably come up with other fun ideas as well. 🙂

In addition to the Squirrel/Hiding Acorns book, I also like to use another book called “Ready Or Not Here I Come” which is about forest animals and playing hide-n-seek.


Both books are in the links below.



I hope you enjoy this beautiful time of the year. I’m working at the University a few days a week and the early childhood programs take full advantage of utilizing the outdoors… it got me thinking about doing a little more therapy outdoors, when weather and time permits. Some days it’s just way too beautiful to stay inside. So go out, read a book, find some leaves or acorns, breathe the crisp air, and enjoy all that fall has to offer! <3

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