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When the GURU of Speech-Language Pathology asks you to come back a second time to do her podcast, you have to pinch yourself… Twice!! I love her energy, her vibe, her experience, her style, her willingness to share her knowledge, and the way she cares about parents, educators and children!! Beyond honored to have done her show this morning! It’s #294 on Teach Me To Talk (not sure if it’s quite up yet). My other podcast from last year is on there as well. She always has amazing guests with great information on all her podcasts. Thank-you Laura!

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  1. Jeannette Burgess

    I enjoyed the podcast very much. . . . . .but now that I want to refer back to it, I can’t find it on her website. It played on my podcasts but I don’t see #294 on teachmeto talk for some reason. What I wanted to refer back to is you mentioned an app for imitation that your kids really like. What was the name of that app?

    • monae's speech house

      Hi Jeannette! I’m so glad you were able to listen to the show! The name of the app is Touch & Say. It’s free too! My students respond really well to this. It’s a great start for oral motor/sound imitation. The kids love this, even my nonverbal and more severe students. Within this blog is a post about the app and also some other things I use. Thanks again for listening to the podcast. Monae 🙂


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