My Favorite Barefoot Books!

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I discovered Barefoot Books seven years ago and it was love at first sight (and sound)! These books are little gems that capture the interest of my students and are so fun to read. My absolute three favorite are The Farmyard Jamboree, The Animal Boogie, and Walking Through the Jungle. The books offer lots of opportunities for imitation, repetition, echoing, and lots of other receptive and expressive language skills. I combine several other fun activities with these books which allow for an all around language-rich therapy session.

After reading the Animal Boogie Book, I use a fantastic app called Sound Touch to sequence the story back with live animal sounds and pictures. As I have stated before, I am not a big “app” person. I really only use a few that I love, my students love, and that are great for eliciting lots and lots of speech and language. The app Sound Touch features several categories such as farm animals, wild animals, vehicles, instruments, and household items. The pictures and sounds are so clear…  it is absolutely amazing! And everytime you tap on an icon, that same icon will render a different version and sound of the same animal, vehicle, instrument, etc. My students love this app. I use it in so many different ways. After reading the Animal Boogie Book, I will call on a student and ask them to show me which animal was first in the book or what animal was shaking in the jungle? The correct answer would be the bear and hopefully they would have tapped the bear. If not I will offer prompts or cues to elicit the correct answer. I might also hold the iPad facing toward me (so they cannot see the picture) and tap the animal then ask my students, “What animal do you think that was?” As I said, there are so many different ways to use this simple little app. It is WELL WORTH the $4.99 price tag. I have another fantastic way to use the app with a different book and lesson that I will share later this month. I promise, you will get so much language out of your students from this one simple app. 🙂

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