TARGET DOLLAR SPOT FINDS for Speech and Language Therapy

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Do you like TARGET, especially TARGET DOLLAR SPOT? Sometimes I feel like Target knows just what I need at the right moment. Like the purchasing department has a camera set up in my head and knows exactly what myself and tons of other teachers and SLPs are looking for. All I know is, as a mom of five, I was always in Target for something, then when two of my kids got their first jobs at Target, I was in Target even more! (“Mom I get off at 9:00, can you pick me up?” “I’m already here at the Dollar Spot!”)

These simple rubber spiky balls are one of my FAVORITE year-round items to use in therapy. They are $1.00 and I can use them with a KAZILLION simple activities such as setting up 3 buckets with sticky notes with the numbers 1, 2, and 3, then tossing these balls into the buckets between trials or for two minutes at the end of the session. Bam! Fast, easy, and inexpensive! And the kids LOVE it! I have found, over the years, that 98% of my articulation and phonology kids are pretty competitive. I can pull out the simplest activity and you’d think I just brought in the hottest $200 Toys R Us item, right?

My other favorite item is also found at Target Dollar Spot, the BUNNY TAILS TOSS!

These go perfectly with my FREE BUNNY ACTIVITY that you can make using an empty Clorox container!  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE BUNNY ACTIVITY!  This activity is actually 3-in-one. The TARGET BUNNY TAILS can be tossed into the container (or you can use the spiky balls), you can feed the bunny carrots (the green grass is also found at Target, called BOON GRASS for drying baby bottles… who comes up with these genius ideas!!!),  and the final activity in the bunny download is the pink & white bunny ears. I will tell you that I have already used this and the kids and teachers loved all of it!

I can make a list a mile long of all the cool things you can find at Target Dollar Spot (tic-tac-toe boards, erasers, sling shots, felt companions, bugs and bug catchers “SAVING THE BUGS FOR MY NEXT POST” poppers, bubble sticks, cookie cutters, bowling sets, and MERMAID TAIL PURSES, YES! (I have a fun idea planned for that in a month or two). The point is, if you’re looking for something new to spice up your daily therapy sessions, then Target Dollar Spot has a treasure trove of inexpensive items to keep you and your students engaged throughout the year!


I found this adorable beauty school kit at the DOLLAR SPOT and used it with my articulation lipsticks. Perfect combo, big hit, smiles all around! CLICK HERE FOR LIPSTICKS!

Kids can get excited about almost any activity that is pulled out, but what they are really excited about is being around people or a person, who takes the time to listen, care, and engage with them about what is important or happening in their life. People, especially kids, just want to be paid attention to, listened to, and know that they mean something to someone. That’s why even though it’s important that I get in my 100+ productions/trials, it’s also VERY IMPORTANT that when my students leave my room, they leave feeling that I cared, I was interested, and I listened.


So if you’re a busy teacher, SLP, or parent, I hope you can stay on TARGET with what’s important in life. And I hope you find all the goodies, at TARGET, that make your heart happy! All the Best, Monae 🙂




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