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School has been in session for a month and I’m starting to feel the craziness of it all. Trying to juggle therapy and those assessments and IEPs lurking down the road. So another words, it’s getting a little nutty!

Instead of panicking, I‘ve decided to join in and get a little nuttier this week. I have an entire weeks worth of fun lessons planned that will focus on fall, squirrels and nuts. I’ll be using a few of my fall books. My newest book, CLICK HERE  Nuts About Nuts, is a hilarious interactive story that includes lots of extra language activities, including WH and yes/no questions, a memory/vocabulary board, a simple coloring and writing page, and a few other goodies. I’ll be using my squirrel puppet  to start the lesson and we will definitely be listening to the song “I’m a Nut!”  There is also a version on You Tube that is fun. CLICK FOR SONG  I prefer to sing A cappella, but you can do either. I also like to play a simple game with acorns or chestnuts that is similar to “Button, Button Whose Got the Button?”  Another fun activity involves taking those acorns or chestnuts and having the students follow simple directions focusing on spatial concepts (e.g. Put the acorn under your chair, on your nose, behind your head, etc.). Always make sure no one has any nut allergies prior to using any typt of nuts.

I hope this short description of my lesson will give you some ideas of how to have a fun fall lesson that will promote tons of language. Have a wonderful week. And don’t get too nutty! Monae 🙂

P.S. Here are a few more fun books to use during the fall. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FALL FUN!!


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    Love this post by Monae from Monae’s Speech House! This is exactly how I am feeling this fall…nutty! Not sure why it feels so crazy this year but it does. I am so glad I have some of Monae’s posters, books and artic products prepped and ready to go! If you don’t know Monae and her books, please take the time to check out her post and her amazing books and other quality products. Here’s to a great 2016-2017!

    • monae's speech house

      Thank-you for the shout-out! I’m glad to know there are other SLPs feeling a little nutty too! It makes me feel like I am in good company!


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