Wait! I Haven't Taken My Vacation Yet!

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Oh, no!

It’s mid-July and the stores are filled with “Back to School” sales and I haven’t even taken my summer vacation yet! So I know how it feels to have “to-do” lists floating around in your head… especially if you are an educator! I am constantly thinking about what my students like and need, to make the gains and be successful. And because my students are all on different levels based on their cognitive and functional abilities, I have to adjust all my lessons/therapy accordingly. So a chunk of my summers are spent researching all sorts of materials that I feel will work with the students I provide services to. Those materials can be evidence-based materials, tried-n-true oldies but goodies, and/or coming up with new ways to spark the light in their little heads. I promise to share lots of these with you…  so stay tuned because the first day of school will be here before ya’ know it!  🙂  PS… This cute story “School Shopping” is availble as a free download on TPT. It’s a good way to start the school year and provides lots of opportunities for answering WH questions, making choices, yes/no questions, and more! Hope you enjoy it!



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