You've Got Mail!

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My students LOVE this little activity! I have been doing the “You’ve Got Mail”  activity for several years. It targets so many different verbal and non-verbal skills. All you need is an inexpensive little mailbox and some index cards. I honestly think I got my little red mailbox free with some chocolate Hershey Kisses. The first year I did this activity, I actually hand-wrote “following directions” on white paper squares and put them in the mailbox. The following year I started using one of the fun decks from Super Duper. Depending on the level of your students, you can pick and choose cards based on their abilities. Some of the cards require verbal responses and some require non-verbal responses.  And if you write your own directions, you can make them specific to each child. Some of the questions in the Super Duper fun deck include clap your hands 3 times, name an animal, wiggle your fingers, pretend you are a cat, sing Happy Birthday, and so on…

I usually do “You’ve Got Mail” as part of a circle activity. I always hold up the mailbox with the flag raised and I say, “Who is sitting nicely?” Then I look around and choose someone who is attending and sitting and I say, “Johnny, you’ve got mail!” Then Johnny comes up and takes the card out of the mailbox. I then read the card and he has to answer, imitate, or complete the task on the card.

As I said, super fun, super simple, super engaging, and lots of language. I promise your kiddos will love this activity! <3

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